Are flies dumb?

Well, it’s not a post about IQ of different insects…

but have you ever wondered, why it’s so hard for flies to find a way out of your house? They head for the open world and BANG – hit a window. A couple of hours later they still keep banging at the glass, trying to get by. And then you just open the window for them to escape, but they don’t want to change their direction, not being ready to check if there is another technique of finding a way out than the one they have already tried out.

There’s a lot of metaphors (sometimes very simple and funny as this one is) that come to my mind recently. I haven’t thought that a single insect that can piss me off, when I want to sleep can also be something I can think through.

Can you see the bigger picture?

When we’re focused on something, sometimes we just want to finish it as soon as possible, not thinking if our actions make sense anymore. In some cases it’s better to change our direction in order to get greater outcomes – not to be stubborn and keep doing everything the way we did earlier.

  1. Check if what we do is still effective and if we’re still satisfied with that.
    If the answer is yes, then keep doing that – it’s a good direction.
    If the answer is no, then it’s the high time to change our behaviour a little bit.
  2. Let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
    Just like flies that I was writing about at the beginning – if they just stopped banging at the glass, they could see that there is another solution. Sometimes it’s better to stop for a while and see, if there is anything that you can improve.

“The most important thing to do if you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging.” Warren Buffett

 Listen to your intuition.

Sometimes all of us need to ask somebody for their advice on the matter, but I think it’s important to have your own opinion. Other people can tell you, what’s the best option in their view, but it’s you who makes the final decision. When you take a step back you have more time to think about a situation. If you feel like you need to change something – go on! Sometimes the best decisions are those, which don’t seem rational, but you feel confident about them.

What’s your opinion on the topic?

Do you need to take a step back sometimes?

Sorry for not posting last week. It’s summertime and a lot is going on in my life, so stay tuned for new posts every two weeks on Saturday.


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