Are flies dumb?

Well, it’s not a post about IQ of different insects… but have you ever wondered, why it’s so hard for flies to find a way out of your house? They head for the open world and BANG – hit a window. A couple of hours later they still keep banging at the glass, trying to get by. And then you just …

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Lifestyle Motivation

Life is a game

Focus on what’s important for you at the moment. When I was a bit younger, I wanted to be perfect at everything – I thought it would make me happy for the rest of my life. I wanted to get perfect grades at school, even though I forced myself to learn something I was not interested in. Well, getting good grades is cool, but there …

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Healthy lifestyle habits

Welcome to my first post translated into English! I know that there are some foreigners who have been visiting my website, so I decided to prepare for that. From now on all of the posts will be bilingual. It’s a really important moment for me because I have been thinking about writing in English for a long time and now it’s high …

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