Find the courage to be authentic

In my opinion, being authentic means…

…being yourself, not pretending anyone, accepting your body and mind just as they are, smiling sincerely, truly living in the moment. If you appreciate your assets and accept the flaws, you become self-aware. You can often laugh at yourself without feeling embarrassed. You stop worrying about potential criticism. You can do whatever you want, as long as you don’t hurt anyone.

Start living your own life.

I think nowadays a lot of people tend to focus more on creating social media versions of themselves, rather than living in reality. We spend hours with our phones, browsing Instagram or Facebook, watching beautiful people having fun at the moment – and what are we doing? Sitting with our phones, admiring others, who always look perfect, we still keep scrolling down instead of starting focusing on our own goals.

Is social media killing authenticity?

In my opinion, the whole idea of posting photos on the Internet is fallacious. Think of all of those beautiful people, whose life, as you could think, is always perfect – they, just as everybody else, also have pictures that they don’t look good in, but they just don’t post those. They all have flaws, they all are human. Most people show only things they’re proud of and it’s completely normal, but we should remember about this and do not compare ourselves to anyone, especially basing on someone’s social media profile.

Just be yourself, no matter what.

Be in harmony with yourself and don’t let anybody or anything have any impact on your self-esteem. You’ll find people who will appreciate you just the way you are (if you haven’t met them yet). Don’t pretend like you’re someone you’re not in order to make people appreciate you – probably not everyone will like you and that’s completely fine. Just be open to new relationships with other people.

And what authenticity means to you?

Please let me know in the comments, what your opinion on the topic is. I will answer everyone.

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13 thoughts on “Find the courage to be authentic”

  1. I loved this post!! All such important reminders to be yourself and just kill it out there. Authenticity is so important, especially with social media. Live life on your terms! Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend <3 x Shannon •

    1. Live life on your terms – I couldn’t agree more. I’m glad you enjoyed the post!
      Have a wonderful week!

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