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Welcome to my first post translated into English!

I know that there are some foreigners who have been visiting my website, so I decided to prepare for that. From now on all of the posts will be bilingual. It’s a really important moment for me because I have been thinking about writing in English for a long time and now it’s high time to start doing it.

How to lead a healthy lifestyle in the modern world?

Some time ago I realized that the way I organized my time stopped being something I was proud of. It affected my health because of for example not sleeping enough. I want you to think if you can change anything in your life to start living healthier. Here are some tips I find the most helpful in starting leading a healthy lifestyle:

Sleep is a priority.

I often forget about it myself, but this is a really important principle. Most people (including me) recall it when their body is so exhausted that they are running on empty. The thing is that we can’t make that happen because not only is it unpleasant to wake up tired every morning, but it can have terrible consequences in the future. Sleep as long as your organism needs to!

Eat at regular times.

Create a regular meal plan. This way you can get used to eating less, but more often. Our bodies are programmed to sense a lack of food as starvation. Let’s say we didn’t eat for many hours – our organisms need to find a way to have energy, regardless. In consequence, basal metabolic rate slows down and there are fewer calories burned. Try not to skip any meal.

Turn off the phone and get active.

We spend a lot of time using our phones or laptops. Nowadays it is important to have them because we can contact our friends and family, but I think most of us use our devices way too much. I recently saw, what my average screen time on my phone is and I was disappointed, but not surprised. We all know, how important for our health exercising is, so we should find our favourite activity. It can be jumping rope or riding a bike – whatever. Just start doing it regularly. 

The tips are simple, but it is not easy to change your daily routine.

Theoretically, we all know what to do to keep our bodies healthy. Why don’t we do this then? Try to go to sleep an hour earlier tonight. Stop snacking between meals. Turn off the phone and start exercising. I want you to change your routine a little bit so that you can be proud of your healthy lifestyle. Let me know in the comment section below, how your daily routine looks like.

5 thoughts on “Healthy lifestyle habits”

  1. Sleep is honestly such a must, and Ive been so stressed lately I haven’t been able to sleep at all! Im trying to work on de-stressing, but I don’t think it will be until I finish uni for summer that I can really catch up on sleep!! xx

    1. Yeah, I know that the end of the semester can be really stressful.
      I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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