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How to calm down your mind – 5 easy tricks?

Run faster, dream bigger, live better…

Some time ago I was passing through a bookshop, trying to find a particular book for my friend. Soon I realized that nowadays there are tons of bestsellers relating to slow life, whatever that means. Yes, we are in a place where we have to struggle with information overload and yes, it may be dangerous for our health, BUT we often forget that it’s not something inevitable because even though we can’t stop technology development, we still have your free will.

I really appreciate people practising self-control.

try to do that myself as well. However, sometimes it’s really hard to stop yourself from wasting time on your phone and just go and do something productive. We often think we need to be up to date with everything, but in fact, we just spend far too much time on that. Even if we don’t waste a couple of hours daily on Instagram, we sometimes find ourselves reading some articles that are not really necessary for us to be aware of. I don’t say we should be ignorant, I’m just trying to show that we need some limits and boundaries so that we can have our online hygiene established.

If you do not feel strong yourself, you will not make a big difference in the world, I’m afraid…

A lot of people, including me some time ago, just worries about every terrible thing that happens in the world. I used to spend a lot of my energy on thinking about climate change, its causes and consequences. I got to a point where I did not really see any sense in existing because what’s the point of living when nobody does anything to help our planet… But you know what? We’re all gonna die. Sooner or later. We can’t do anything about this fact, at least for now.

Just sitting and thinking about those horrible phenomena that occur in our reality can be really depressing. And let me tell you something – it is not going to make the whole situation any better. We have the power to change this world for the better, but we need to distance ourselves from all those overwhelming information first. That’s also why in case of a plane crash it’s the mother who needs to be rescued first – when she is safe she is able to provide care for her children, not the other way round. We have to rescue ourselves first in order to be able to help anybody or anything else.

Hiding the consequences won’t cure the causation

I think a lot of us just looks for cures when our minds are racing instead of finding a sustainable strategy to prevent such harmful situations from triggering in the first place. That’s why we strive for those 5 miraculous tips that will make us calm instantly rather than look for some good tactics. Of course, everybody has their thoughts racing from time to time, but when you have a routine that allows you to have your stuff under control, it’s a lot easier to calm down.

Everyone reacts differently. There are different ways of coping with that. I do not have the one that will work for everybody. That’s why I would like to focus more on strategies rather than particular exercises – those you can find anywhere, there are tons of ideas for relaxing.

The 5 miraculous tricks that will change your life

Do you really believe that there will be some 3 or 5 or even 10 steps after finishing which your life will change dramatically? Well, been there, done that – it doesn’t work. There are no tricks that you can apply to your life that will make it better forever. Everything is a matter of wise choices and consistency. First, you set a goal, then come up with a sustainable strategy.

There are thousands of guidelines referring to organizing your life and all of them are either available somewhere on the internet for free or compiled in some kind of a quite affordable self-help book. So why do so many people have problems with getting their shit together?

Turning on a youtube video on how to improve your life in 5 simple steps, which showed up in your youtube feed or reading a book related to that topic will make no change if after watching/reading it you will keep making the same mistakes (oh, really?). Even if you are motivated and actually decide to follow the steps given in the video or book, chances are you will stop doing that if you don’t see quick results. That’s how motivation works. It comes and goes. That’s why you need a strategy, not tricks. I will write more about changing your habits in the upcoming posts. Meanwhile, here you can read how I perceive motivation.

So… How to calm your mind, really?

I think establishing a daily routine is key in this case. Of course, as I wrote earlier, there are tons of different tricks supposed to make you more relaxed, but it’s just a part of a strategy. When you know your routine, you have some time for work and then some time to relax – don’t try to relax when you know you have a lot to do and do not try to work when it’s your chill time. We may use those guides telling us how to relax in 5 easy steps, but first, we need to have some spare time for that.


We’re all guilty of that – I know it, you know it… Everybody knows it. But some of us learnt how to cope with that. I’m not going to describe here how to fight procrastination here, that’s a topic for another post – I just want you to realize that it’s often the reason why our minds go crazy – we often realize we had so many important things to do that we did not do and then instead of doing them we need to have some extra time for panicking.

Be intentional with the goal of calming your mind.

What I want to emphasize is that living your life without really changing anything and then finding one method that will bring you peace will not really sustainable. Even if it will make you relaxed for a while, after some time you will come back to that place of being stressed out.

Start to notice your thoughts – what makes you anxious and irritated? What doesn’t let you fall asleep? Accept the fact that calming your mind will be a process and stop relying on short-term solutions. We really need to slow down in today’s reality – start living slow-lives. I believe it is possible. We will make mistakes, we will have our minds running a million thoughts per minute, but we can work on improving it so that we will have fewer moments like this.

I hope you will find calm in your life!

I just wanted to show you the beginning – now it’s your turn to sit with a piece of paper and think – what makes you restless? Don’t fight the result – cure the cause.


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