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How to identify your strengths?

Do you know, what you want to do for a living in the future?

Many young people, of all walks of life, have no idea what they want their future to look like and no matter whether you’re in high school or already in college, that’s completely fine. I myself don’t know, what exactly I’m gonna be doing for a living in a couple of years either,  but that’s not to say that I don’t have a plan. Because no matter how big or how little your plan for the future is, there is one critical advantage you can gain without much effort at all. So what is this secret bit of knowledge? – I hear you asking. It’s quite simple actually. I know, what I like to do and what I’m good at. It sounds quite trivial, but you won’t believe how much this information can simplify your life. I recently did and today I want to help you find your own way as well.

Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life. –  Mark Twain

Everyone has a talent, but not everyone uses it.

Each and every person on Earth is beautiful in their own, special way. But many people for one reason or another just lack self-confidence and this state of mind can sometimes make them feel like there’s actually nothing that special about them. They admire others, who have been developing their skills for years but don’t see any of their drive in themselves. But the disparity that they feel between themselves and who they could have become is invalid. If you’re that person then there’s nothing to worry about. The key here is that it’s never too late to learn about yourself, so keep reading and hopefully, you’ll be on your way to fulfilling your potential in no time at all!

What do you like doing during the day?

Let’s start simple. Think of all of the activities that you enjoy doing – things that you do at home, school, university or at work. For instance, I have an obsession with cooking. I love learning about new recipes and striving to make the healthiest and most delicious meals I can. This is a passion that I devote most of my time to. Perhaps in the future, I’ll be able to turn it into a way of making a living. For now, I’m just enjoying myself in the kitchen and solutions for the more difficult problems just kind of pop into my head as I go. Create your own list of daily activities that you like doing.

Imagine that you’re in a group of your friends.

Everyone has different skills. Everyone has something they love doing. It may even be a simple one but There’s just something that stops just anyone from doing it as well as you. So with that in mind, think about what that may be for you. Maybe you bake your friends cookies or share your poetry with them. What are the abilities that you have and others don’t? I bet there are some because every person is different. Another way is to ask your friends, what they think your greatest strengths are. I’m sure they would be able to recite a list of them just off the top of their head. Who knows there may even be some that you had no idea about. Maybe something you do easily is a difficult challenge for somebody else.

Find a way of using your talents.

Think about your lifestyle for a minute. Let’s say you plan almost every single day of your life and you are a really organized person – you have certain abilities that are important when it comes to working in management, for example. If you are interested in behaviour patterns and thought processes, you could be a very dedicated psychologist. Of course, there are some jobs that will thrive in the future and we should keep that in mind, but I think it’s better to choose something you actually like rather than something that you were pressured into studying by older family members or friends.


Devote more time to activities you find entertaining and that building you up. And who knows? Maybe at some point in the future, you can become an expert in that particular field – sounds cool, right? What are your strengths? I’ll be waiting for your answers in the comments. The post was created in cooperation with an amazing person, who helped me improve my grammar – thank you.

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  1. you kept all strong reasons for overcoming the weakness and learning from different situations is always need for any human being. nice article for guiding the people.

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