Is beauty culture hurting us?

Hi. Long time no see. But I’m back with new ideas.

A lot happened since I published the last post. I learned that the most spontaneous decisions are sometimes the best ones – I think that’s the best lesson for me recently. Carpe diem.

Anyway, I would also like to change the form in which I’ve been writing my posts. I know that the topics of the previous ones were some kind of obvious and not very revelatory, but from time to time I like to remind people that they should care about themselves, as sometimes they tend to forget about that.

Okay, so maybe the language may be a bit less formal, but that’s something that I intentionally want to do, so welcome to the brand new version of my blog (or maybe at least a bit different).

Beauty culture.

Yeah, quite a tough topic. I have many various thoughts in my head now and I do not know what to start with. Maybe the fact that many, many, many years ago, people (let’s be honest, mostly women – just look at the evolution of advertisements) didn’t have such a big pressure to feel beautiful. Nowadays, very young girls create profiles on Instagram, where they can see all those magnificent women being on their vacations, posting a video on their story every 15 minutes. And those girls hold their phones, laying in bed, feeling like a piece of crap, wondering why they aren’t like that.

Sounds familiar? Maybe it’s not only about young girls.

What they don’t know, is that most people post only pictures that they like, not every photo that they took. In most cases, I’m no different (as you have already noticed). The weird pics of me are either deleted or sent to my best friends. People create their identity in social media, based on a couple of nice photos or descriptions. I think you can’t really know anybody if you don’t meet them in real life. The internet lies. I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’s good to remember that.

And remember that the best moments are off-camera.

The second thing is, that the number of women feeling beautiful has been increasing steadily.

What a great news, right? Well yes, but no.

At the same time, they feel like they are expected to be beautiful by society. They feel confident wearing their make-up and that’s great, but most of them feel bad when they think of leaving home without ‘the mask’ on. And that’s a worrying sign if you think about it. Everybody has their ups and downs and that’s normal. However, it’s not nice if you go out without make-up on and your mates ask you if you’re sick.

How to overcome this? Focus on complimenting your friends on some traits that aren’t that often appreciated, such as being a splendid story-teller or a great navigator, not talking only about one’s looks.

Btw – Château de Chantilly – a really beautiful castle, you might know it either because you’re really into history or League of Legends ;))

So what can we do to stop caring about the pressure?

We can just uninstall Instagram (which I’ve done recently, but I’m not sure if it’s a good long-term solution) and live in a basement, far from everything and everyone that may hurt us, or just start to accept ourselves and the fact that everybody is different and beautiful in their own way.

I know that it became kind of cliché to talk about self-acceptance because everybody has been talking about this and it’s hard to achieve in reality. Therefore, some people may start to believe that it’s possible to accept oneself only for people who have some good reasons to think highly of themselves.

But what are actually the reasons for somebody to start accepting themself? A nice face? A high IQ? An expensive car? Or maybe that self-confidence that they have, not possible for you to build? The ability to manage their time?

But what if it’s the other way round? What if you need to accept yourself just the way you are now in order to move on in other aspects of your life? What if you don’t need any special reasons in order to feel happy about yourself? Just appreciate the person you are now – full of flaws and assets. Maybe you can see only the dark side, but there’s always the bright one as well.

Life isn’t easy and all of us know that. Everybody has some problems, but we also have many reasons to be grateful for. That’s what counts. We look just as we look and there is not much we can change about this unless you really want to have numerous surgeries. You do you. You already know what I think about this.

If you decide to take action in order to start accepting yourself now, you will thank yourself in the future. Don’t expect to wake up tomorrow and be confident about every aspect of your life, but start with something simple. I believe in you. Really.

Thank you for being here. I’m glad I’m back.

I noticed that many people visited the blog even though I haven’t posted anything for three months and I’m really grateful for that. I would like to thank each and every one of you, as well as the new visitors. I hope that you will like the content that I’m currently working on even more than the previous posts.

I hope you have a wonderful day and if you don’t, just know that it’s fine. Nobody is okay all the time.


10 thoughts on “Is beauty culture hurting us?”

  1. Babe you look gorgeous The social media world is not as perfect Real life can be very different from the images and people are falling in love with images however there is so much good out there such as Inspiring posts and encouraging people Love this post and what a beautiful location Glad you are back much love xoxo Cris

  2. Awww I love your beautiful message about this. We truly should celebrate unique traits/features about others and compliment them on it. It’s interesting how plastic surgery has been on the rise cause of the influence of social media, but I also think it’s important to celebrate individuality as well.


  3. Yes in some ways it is worse then ever because of social media. Women have always felt pressure and we have always kind of compared ourselves with others. But decades ago when it was just magazines and TV we could say “Oh that is not real” but not with social media and platforms like You Tube you see so many people who are super attractive, have mates, live in really nice apartments and houses, and have a ton of nice clothes. But you can not shrug it off and say its not real because it is real.

    Though of course it is only a small representation of the entire public, but still it is worse then the media of yester year.

    Allie of

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