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Life is a game

Focus on what’s important for you at the moment.

When I was a bit younger, I wanted to be perfect at everything – I thought it would make me happy for the rest of my life. I wanted to get perfect grades at school, even though I forced myself to learn something I was not interested in. Well, getting good grades is cool, but there is this thin line we shouldn’t cross. I also wanted my room always to be tidied and I felt like I failed if it was even a bit messy for a while. The thing is, they were only my beliefs which made me feel bad. We can’t have everything at once when we focus on one thing, sometimes we pay less attention to others, it’s normal. The sooner we understand this, the easier our life will be.

No one will ever be perfect. Everyone is good enough.

I think everyone should honestly answer these questions – Why do I want to improve and develop your skills? Do I usually feel that what you do is right for me and my health? Or maybe I want to achieve more and more because of my ambition, even though sometimes I’m tired? Is my way to success something that I enjoy or I just want to show other people I earned your stripes?

When you’re relaxed, everything is much easier.

I noticed an interesting behaviour of mine during my PE lessons at school. I really like volleyball and I think it’s one of my favourite team sports. I don’t spend much time playing it, I wouldn’t say it’s my hobby, I just have fun during matches. I serve pretty well, I would say, during warm-ups almost every ball I hit passes over the net and lands on the opposite side of the court, but it’s different when it comes to scoring points during the game.

Even though I know that it’s just for fun, I feel a bit tense at times. Sometimes I start to think too much after I throw the ball into the air (oh well, everyone is staring at me now, I can’t let down) – because of that my hand does something I can’t really explain and then there is a touch. And then I’m like – “What’s going on? During the warm-up, I succeeded every time!”. Well, the answer is simple – overthinking. Life is a game. Focus on the ball.

Make a list of your values in life.

What do you want to devote the most time to? What makes you happy?

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    1. Oh thank you so much! I’m curious how many people thought in a similar way in the past.
      Kisses ❤️

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