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Life with no electricity

Could you survive?

Some time ago I was coming back home by train and suddenly it stopped. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere. Of course there were emergency exits, but I started wondering what would happen and how the world would look like, if we had to live without electricity. 

Global access to electricity has been rising in recent decades. Nowadays almost every device we use is dependent on power. What is more, power is necessary to produce and transport most of the things you see at the moment – just look around.

Not long ago…

People have been living on Earth for thousands of years – the discovery of electricity was made not that long ago. Now we are dependent on power, but 200 years ago everyone could survive without it – people didn’t even know what it was.

It’s an addiction…

We’ve got used to a lot of benefits that we have, thanks to the discovery of electricity, and it would be very hard to live without them now. We couldn’t use our phones and laptops, dishwashers, fridges, washing machines, induction hobs, electric ovens, kettles, irons etc. Heating, air conditioning, trams and trains wouldn’t work, because they need electrical power. It wouldn’t be possible to drive a car or to travel by any other transport facility, because they all use fuel, which wouldn’t be available (at least at the beginning).

We would find a solution.

I think we would survive, but it would take a long time for us to adapt. I think it’s very important to change the way each and every one of us live. There is no planet B, the world is not a commodity. I just wanted to show you, what would happen if we had to live without electricity – it’s kind of unimaginable, right? In fact, we’re heading for a climate catastrophe, so the consequences could be much worse than the ones I described earlier. A lot of beautiful creatures living on Earth suffer, because of f. ex. plastic bags floating in the see.

What ways of respecting the planet are the most important to you?

What’s your opinion – how can we do to prevent the climate catastrophe by changing the way we live?

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