Pursuit of happiness

Almost everyone strives for happiness.

Paradoxically, it may make a lot of people unhappy because they aren’t able to find their own path. They want to reach goals that society values, not thinking about their own ideas. We all know that happiness is a key to well-being, but what does it even mean?

Some people may think that material possessions will make them happy, while others perceive intellectual growth as more important. Our values can change over the years – it’s visible especially during adolescence, which is a period of transition between childhood and adulthood, but also when we’re older. Many different experiences have an impact on our behaviour.

What do you really want?

As I wrote in the previous post about motivation, sometimes our dreams become unrealistic imaginations that will probably never come true. However, even if we perceive something as a goal that we’re eventually gonna achieve, success in this aspect will not guarantee happiness.

A lot of people tend to set many goals thinking that after they will achieve everything, they will live happily ever after. They do many things in order to make their dreams come true – work hard late hours, being focused on the direction in which they’re going. Yes, reaching goals is great, but only when you know that you really want it. It’s a waste of time if you only think you want something and then it turns out that it was not important to you at all.

Ambitious vs over-ambitious – what’s the difference?

It’s actually the reason why you keep working. It’s awesome if you want to get good grades at school or become a great doctor. There’s also nothing wrong if you want to be the best one in the class or even school and then study at one of the best universities in the world. But here’s a question – why do you want to do this? Answer this question honestly – why? Then decide, if your justification is something you can be satisfied with.

What goals should you set, when you have no idea what you want?

Think of what makes you happy. I know it may be hard to decide, especially when everyone around you thinks they know best what’s right for you. In my opinion, you should try everything and then see, what you find most entertaining. It’s important to be able to choose things that are interesting for you and not what’s trendy – what society values the most. Just find something that makes you happy – it’s as simple as that. Don’t try to fit in.

I will be happy, when…

…when I’ll graduate from a good university, when I’ll have a well-paid job, when I’ll have a big house by the sea… Well, I would love to achieve such things in the future, I think most people would. However, these dreams can’t be indicators of our happiness. I know that sometimes it’s hard to appreciate every day that we’re alive because of many difficulties that may happen, but it’s very important to be grateful for what we have and experience at the moment.

We will never be able to be happy if we keep waiting for the right moment. Life is full of ups and downs and nobody has a right to expect you to smile when you want to cry – you’re allowed to have moments of weakness. It’s not easy to appreciate anything when nothing can make you happy at the moment. But please, stop waiting for the perfect time because there will always be some difficulties in your life – bigger or smaller, but they will occur.

Carpe diem.

Appreciate every moment and have a wonderful week!

Stay mindful and be yourself. Kisses!

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    1. Thanks a lot ❤️
      Well, sometimes it’s nice to try to let go and then you might see your life from a different perspective 😉

    1. Well, I’m going to go to school on Saturday because it’ll be an extraordinary day, but this weekend is one of these when I will have some time to relax ;3

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