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The Power of Negative Thinking

Hi there! I know the title may be a bit confusing, but let me explain.

I’ve been an optimist for quite a long time and I really like this way of perceiving the world. The negative thinking I want to focus on now is more connected to thinking about your lifestyle. A lot of motivational coaches state that the best way to improve in life is to set yourself some goals. Well, yes, goals are cool, but only if you really know what you want, so that the goals are attainable. Otherwise, you may become dissatisfied with the results because

a) the goal may seem to be too overwhelming, so you won’t be motivated enough, therefore you might give up quite quickly


b) after achieving the goal you may realize that it’s not quite what you really wanted.

That’s why the power of negative thinking is such a great idea.

Think of it more like a negative in photography. It’s a total inversion, which means that you think about what you don’t want to be like, do everything you can to get rid of this discomfort instead think of what you want to achieve. For example, instead of thinking that you want to look like a fitness guru (which may happen, but not in the near future, which we’re speaking about now) think that you don’t want to be unfit anymore (as that’s the thought that most probably was prior to establishing the goal with fitness guru).

Okay, you don’t want to be unfit – so what? So after you decide you end up with bad habits that led to worsening of your health, you have some spare time, right? And what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna unfold your fitness mat and start exercising or go for a walk or start using your jump rope or whatever. Makes sense? For me it does, but I know you may have some doubt, just as I did when I first learned about this. Just keep reading.

It doesn’t mean that you should get rid of any goals.

I told you, goals are cool, but first you think of something you want to change in your life and then you come up with a goal. First, you notice that there is something you would probably like to stop doing (e.g. being unfit or constant phone checking) and then you set the goal. Of course, you may start exercise every day because you don’t want to be unfit (and that’s a good start which you have thanks to the power of negative thinking ;)), but it’s normal that after some time you will come up with a goal for yourself. I’m a fan of starting with small steps. You may think of a bigger picture, but without small, manageable chunks, you may easily get frustrated because you notice how far you are from the big goal and it may start to be discouraging.

Listen to your body.

And it’s not only about fitness. It’s about the whole lifestyle thing. Take your time and learn what you like doing and what you don’t, what gives you joy and what you’d like to avoid.

Coming back to the example for a while – when you say you want to stop being unfit, it’s also a more holistic approach than thinking that you would like your waist to be 22 inches. Focus on how you feel, not caring that much about numbers. Being fit is something more than being strong or whatever your first and most intuitive associations with the word are. It’s also about your well-being – there’s a distinction between being fit and looking fit – I guess you know the difference. There is also a distinction between looking good and feeling good, as well as there is a million of other distinctions. The thing is, to be truthful to yourself and then you will see a variety of new possibilities.

The power of negative thinking is just a good idea for a transition period between a moment you realize there is something to be changed and actually doing something in order to be satisfied with how your life looks. It’s just the beginning of a journey.

This idea is something that I find really interesting.

It doesn’t have to be like this for you. Recently, I decided that I will read more books and I learned about the concept of the power of negative thinking while reading a book by Sarah Knight. Some of you may know her, her books are quite controversial, but I really like ideas that she describes. Let me know what you think about the power of negative thinking;) I think it’s worth trying, maybe just to see how it works for you.

Keep safe, I hope you will have some time to get to know yourself more in the near future.


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