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What does motivation mean?

Such an expression has multiple meanings for different people.

You need to answer the question – why? Why do you actually care about the things that you think are important? You could work really hard, do whatever you can to improve yourself and then come to a point when you have no idea what to do next.

To prevent this from happening, ask yourself questions like: “What do I want to achieve and why?”, “What do I want to focus on in my life?” and then see if what you do for a living now or how your private life looks like, is related to the answers you gave. Compare, how much your expectations differ (or hopefully not differ) from reality.

I think it’s important to be reflective – not to do something just because other people do it – but to recognize, what you really want in your life and to make your dreams come true.

There are many different dreams that people have.

“Spending time at the Maldives, earning millions of dollars, being healthy, studying at the best universities in the world…” Most people would say something like this when it comes to questions about their dreams.

I think that the word “dreams” became something associated with unrealistic imaginations and expectations. People sometimes think about something they observed in an inspiring movie and then they want to live the life of the main character. In most cases, the problem is, that they actually don’t do anything to make the dream come true – they just wait for it to happen without any effort. They need to change the way they think a little bit.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between hoping someone’s dreams will come true and hoping that they will make their dreams come true. The difference maybe is not big, but significant. That’s why I prefer to use the word “goals” more often.

Set your goals.

Right now – think of them and if you have a pen, write them down, please. Write even those, which seem to be unrealistic to you now. (This is the moment, where most people get stuck – they write it and then forget – they don’t do anything more in order to achieve it.) This step is just the beginning.

Now you need to think about how you’re gonna achieve the goals you’re thinking of at the moment. Start with something simple.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Zig Ziglar.

Nobody’s gonna tell you that it will be easy because achieving goals usually requires hard work. Everything starts with an idea. If you’re persistent and dedicated – if you believe that what you’re doing is meaningful – you will have huge chances to succeed. I believe that everyone has unique abilities and potential. Go to: How to identify your strengths.

Break down goals into tasks.

In fact, it can become a part of your daily routine. They are small steps that lead to giant improvement. Be patient and after some time you’ll see how much you managed to achieve just by adding simple activities to your to-do-list every day. Think of all the great successful people – they didn’t wake up one day, realizing they suddenly started to be effective – it was because of the hard work that they had been dedicated to for years.

It applies to goals related to, for example, your healthyou could do a short workout every day and gradually make changes in your diet, but also to your relationships and financial success.

We’re only humans.

Earlier, I mentioned only goals related to your career or possessions, but the most important part of this post is about your relationships. The one you have with yourself and those which you have with other people. You need to remember that whatever choice in your life you make, e.g. while finding your career path, you need to ask yourself if it’s really what you want and if you will be happy. If you want something only because you want to show other people, how strong or smart you are – it’s not a good motivation. You need to really answer the question – why you want to do something – maybe it will turn out that you have never wanted it at all.

It’s a really important skill to distinguish between what we really want to do and what we think we want to do (because of e.g. our ambition or even society’s pressure).

I think we should always dream big and know what is actually important in life for us. Always remember about it.

I hope you will achieve everything you wanted!

Thank you for reading, visiting the blog and writing your own thoughts even when though I had a break from blogging. Now I come back with new ideas and I hope you will like new posts as much as the previous ones or even more. Thanks for your support!

Stay tuned for new posts on Saturdays.

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